About Elizabeth
Elizabeth Feldman,
Licensed Massage Therapist
& Electrologist
(585) 781-0569
Located in Bushnell's Basin, in Pittsford, NY
     "After years of unsuccessfully attempting to remove unwanted facial hair with harmful hair removers (many of which damaged my skin) or by spending hours plucking, I decided to give electrolysis a try. At my first appointment Elizabeth put me at ease and provided me with answers to my many questions about the process. When I started out my sessions were an hour long every couple of weeks and as time passed by they dwindled down to fifteen minutes every month. I am at the point now where I only need to go in every three months or so for a few stray eyebrow and upper lip hairs. I couldn't be happier with my results! This has absolutely changed my life for the better! I used to spend a lot of time removing facial hair only to have it grow right back and I spent even more time worrying that I would miss a spot and someone would see it. I feel more comfortable about my appearance now than I ever have before. I highly recommend Elizabeth for anyone looking to get electrolysis. She is very knowledgeable and she will make you feel like you have nothing to be embarrassed about."
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