About Elizabeth
Elizabeth Feldman,
Licensed Massage Therapist
& Electrologist
(585) 781-0569
Located in Bushnell's Basin, in Pittsford, NY
     "As a 50+ year-old professional musician I frequently have soreness and stiffness in my neck, shoulders, and back. For four years, Liz has been successfully helping me address and alleviate these physical issues. I get a regular full body massage and Liz takes time at each session to determine which areas need special focus depending on what my recent activities have involved. The atmosphere is relaxed and comforting and I leave not only feeling better in my neck and shoulders but with a general feeling of well-being. It is not just a luxurious treat but something I have come to see as important in promoting my own physical and mental health."
    Julie Covach
Professional Musician
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