About Elizabeth
Elizabeth Feldman,
Licensed Massage Therapist
& Electrologist
(585) 781-0569
Located in Bushnell's Basin, in Pittsford, NY
     "I have been receiving therapeutic massages from Liz Feldman at Body Renewal Massage for about 1 1/2 years. Liz customizes each massage to work on any problems I am having. She has successfully eased my back, shoulder and leg pain. Recently when I told her that I was having a problem with TMJ, i.e., a problem with my temporomandibular joint , Liz was able to reallign my jaw and alleviate the pain. I look forward to my monthly massage knowing that I will feel refreshed and renewed with a general feeling of well-being after each session. The benefits of a monthly massage are endless."
    Bernie Maurer
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