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Elizabeth Feldman,
Licensed Massage Therapist
& Electrologist
(585) 781-0569
Located in Bushnell's Basin, in Pittsford, NY


   Electrolysis is the only safe method of permanent hair removal. It can be performed
        on practically any area of the body where unwanted hair can grow.
   New clients receive a free personal consultation at time of first visit.  
Electrolysis Fees
10 minutes - $15
15 minutes - $20
30 minutes - $35
60 minutes - $60

assage Therapy:

Swedish (Relaxation) Massage - Using traditional Swedish techniques, this gentle massage is meant to promote relaxation, increase circulation and decrease mind and body stress.
Deep Tissue Massage - This neuromuscular massage uses similar techniques to the Swedish Massage; however, deeper layers of the muscle tissue are worked. Specific areas can be targeted, and this is useful in reducing chronic muscle tension.
Hot Stone Massage - Using an ancient healing art, this treatment incorporates the use of hot basalt stones on essential parts of the body, encouraging the client to have a peaceful mind and a deep state of relaxation.
Pregnancy Massage - This treatment is especially catered to the needs of pregnant women. Whether you are experiencing lower back pain, shoulder tightness or swelling, the smooth, relaxing strokes used in this massage will put both the mother and baby at ease. Prenatal massage is safe and healthy for almost all pregnant women; however, please consult with your physician prior to your massage just to be sure.
Reiki - This form of energy work helps restore balance to the body. This is not a massage. It is done by the laying on of hands over specific locations to balance the energy flowing through the body. This can be added to any massage treatment above for no extra fee, just request this prior to the start of the massage.
Essential Oils can be added to any treatment above. Selection varies.
Massage Fees
1/2 Hour - $40
1 Hour - $70
1 1/2 Hour - $95

ssential Oil Application Technique:

 Essential Oil Application Technique requires 30 minutes to complete. It can be done by itself or with a massage.
Essential Oil Application Technique Fees
Gift Certificates
     Gift Certificates are available for any service
and/or any dollar amount!
Essential Oil Application Technique (30 minutes) - $40
1/2 hour massage + Essential Oil Application (60 minutes) - $70
1 hour massage + Essential Oil Application (90 minutes) - $100

  Prices are subject to change without notice
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